The main objective of the project is the economic revival of the Poprad Valley through the joint development of spa towns and the abandonment of mutual competition in favor of local cooperation and the creation of a strong competitive position of the Poprad spa towns in relation to spa areas in Europe within the modern healing-rehabilitation, recreational and tourist offer.

The subject of the project is the interconnection of Polish-Slovak spa spots by means of a cycling circle (partially built, partly led by existing low-intensity road sections). It is the first stage of creating a European identifiable area with unique tourist and medical-rehabilitation conditions built on natural values, multicultural heritage and spirituality and traditions of the Poprad Dolina population. The purpose of the activities is  to create an identifiable Polish-Slovak brand of Poprad spa towns Cycling trail - partly on existing routes (including EuroVelo), partly on routes planned for demarcation and construction, connects the border areas spa (KrynicuMuszynu-Piwnicznu-Szczawnicu- Vyšné Ružbachy-S Tarub Ľubovňa - Ľubovnianske KúpeleBardejov - Bardejov Spa). The route will cross the most precious areas of nature and landscape (national parks and reservations) and will include significant monuments of wooden architecture, drinkers and mineral water springs. The circuit in the village of Hniezdne will connect with another circle, which is created as part of the project “Hist.- kultúr.- prírod. route around the Tatras ”and significantly increase the impact of the project and enhance the positive effect associated with the development of a cross-border tourist. product. The entire route will be marked in a uniform way and equipped with the same elements of fine architecture. The concept of route marking and description is the effect of the PL_SK architectural competition, which has made it possible to choose from among several works the concept of best capturing the character of the project and the specific elements of the border area. Complementing the planned circuit will be a series of promotional and information activities that will promote the route (map, stránka website), and a mobile application that allows you to plan and use the cycling route, discover natural, landscape and architectural attractions along and around the route. The application will also include elements associated with health prophylaxis.

The cycling route will go through the following locations:

Bardejovské Kúpele - Bardejov - Zlaté - Sveržov - Kurov - (granica państwa) - Muszynka - Tylicz - Krynica (ul. Pułaskiego, Bulwary Dietla, Ebersa, Gurgacza, wzdłuż potok Kryniczanka) - Powroźnik - Muszyna - Zapopradzie - Legnava - M.Lipník- Sulín - Mníšek nad Popradom - Łomnica - Piwniczna (part of Jarzębaki, part of Zabornia, ul. Śmigowskie, ul. Kościuszki [additional circuit - separate branch in the direction of Rytra - Sucha Struga, Wzgórze Zamkowe, Obidza] bridge Garbaty, Kazimierza Wielk., Daszyńskiego, Czercz, Wilcze Doły, Part Kosarzyska, Sucha Dolina) - Obidza - Biała Woda - Jaworki –Szlachtowa - Szczawnica (Jan Pawła, Lipowa, Słon Młak, Sopotnicka, Samorody, Zawodzie - the existing walkway to the state border) - Red Monastery - Veľký Lipník - Podolínec - Vyšné Ružbachy - Lacková - Kamienka - Hniezdne - Stará Ľubovňa - N. Ľubovňa - Ľubovnianske Kúpele - Plavnica - Údo l - Plaveč - Orlov - Andrejovka - Čirč- Leluchów - Muszyna.